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Pulsat offers a wide range of services that include advising global executives, corporate boards, governments and business owners, on matters relating to acquisitions, divestitures, financing, restructuring and project management.  Our commitment to quality, integrity and professionalism includes all aspects of services provided.  We have the depth and breadth of expertise to meet your objectives and our team members are involved in every phase of the engagement providing our collective expertise to our partners, stakeholders and clients.  On large international projects we work closely with our extensive network to achieve our client’s goals.



(a) Corporate Finance and M&A


We focus on advising clients globally in the raising of equity and debt and on sell-side, buy-side and corporate merger mandates.  The team has completed corporate finance and M&A mandates worldwide and has raised significant amounts of equity and debt for the past 20+ years.



Equity and Debt


  • Identify equity and debt sources from government organizations to institutions, private equity, venture capital and private lenders and investors

  • Develop the capital structure and due diligence criteria, value proposition, and negotiate to close



Divestitures, Acquisitions Mergers and Management Buyouts


  • Identify prospective buyers and sellers

  • Valuation and pricing assessment of the buy-sell

  • Preparation and review of key documentation including the confidential information memorandum

  • Deal structure and due diligence

  • Negotiation and closing advisory



(b) Consultancy


Pulsat Global Capital offers consultancy services worldwide ranging from executive and operational business strategy to corporate restructurings and turnarounds.  The team has significant global experience in a multitude of industry sectors and is capable to organize at a moment’s notice.



Business Strategy And Alignment


  • Objective analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of business ventures and projects

  • Develop and execute restructuring plans and turnarounds including human resource management



Post M&A and Integration


  • Execute post M&A alignment  



(c) Capital


Pulsat Global Capital will syndicate projects world-wide.  The team will only invest in projects with active management representation for a debt and/or equity stake and will also manage third party funds invested in the business ventures and projects.



Infrastructure and project financing including alternative funding structures


  • Long-term financing solutions of infrastructure and industrial projects based on project cash flows

  • Limited recourse financin



Risk Management


  • identification, assessment, monitoring and control of risks to maximize business ventures and projects



On-Going Project Portfolio Management


  • Assets under management for invested projects


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