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Sector Specialization:


1. Energy


The Pulsat team has the expertise and experience to successfully execute the development, financing and management of major energy and infrastructure projects.  We specialize in funding the development and management of large energy generation and transmission projects globally and upon completion be responsible for the management of the asset portfolio.


2. Technology


We have extensive critical global knowledge in cyber security, data protection and secure remote management.  Current technology trends are the result of rapidly evolving market conditions in which Pulsat has been a key player since the 1990’s.


3. Construction and Engineering


We have extensive experience in bringing value to real estate development, build projects and restructuring operations.  Our member advisory services extend to large real estate transaction in North America as well as internationally.


4. Automotive and Industrial


The impact of the financial crisis on the heavy industrial and automotive sectors has burdened many economies around the world.  Light, medium and heavy on and off road tiered suppliers have undergone significant change in the past five years.  Our member experience includes advising on the divestitures of several key automotive suppliers in North America and the sale of large industrial assets internationally.


5. Government and Other Industries


Our team’s knowledge is drawn from having gained significant experience working in a multitude of industries and with government organizations and agencies relating to financing, advisory services and valuations as well as security and strategic matters.


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